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Foul Fish Bone

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Foul Fish Bone
Foul Fish Bone Artwork




Limited Edition

Colors & Rarities

Gray (limited edition)


Glow in the dark

Units Available


Foul Fish Bone is a Series 4 Limited Edition Trashie. He is one of five chase figures along with Squish Bone, Festering Fowl, Rotting Rat and Cruddy Cow Skull. He is a rotting fish skeleton. There are 5,000 units of Foul Fish Bone made.


If something smells fishy, it's usually because. Foul Fish Bone is up to something naughty! This filthy fish is so rotten that even the seagulls stay far, far away!

Trash Town Hangout

Disgusting dams.


  • Foul Fish Bone (limited edition)
  • Trading Card


  • Foul Fish Bone is made of plastic and his thin torso can snap easily.

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