Fly Poo is the first webisode episode.

Video description

Blow Fly and Trash-a-Pillar star in the first ever official Trash Pack cartoon, Fly Poo!


[Start at Tyre Towers at night. Cut to Trash-A-Pillar’s room. He is asleep and snoring, with slime dripping from his mouth. Blow Fly pops up behind him.]

Blow Fly: Oh, Trash-A-Pillar, oh, you look so peaceful. Yeah, dumb and peaceful!

[Blow Fly pulls out a pair of fake wings made out of pencils, bendy straws, newspaper, and a bread clip, and starts to attach it onto Trash-A-Pillar’s back, muttering to himself. He then laughs evilly. Cut to a tag that says “The Next Morning.” Cut to Blow Fly sitting at the table. He starts to hork, and then spits up a lump of something, and rips off a bite of it.]

Blow Fly: Oh, nice. Yeah, cooked to perfection, just how I like it!

[Trash-A-Pillar slams the door open. He still has the fake pair of wings on.]

Trash-A-Pillar: Blow Fly! Ooh-hoo, it happened! Oh, I knew it would! It was only a matter of time! (He slithers over to Blow Fly.) You sir, are looking at a beautiful butterfly! Huh?

Blow Fly: (feigning surprise) Oh, uh, wow! Oh, I guess congratulations are in order, eh?

Trash-A-Pillar: Do you think they’ll call me “The Magnificent Trasher-fly”?

Blow Fly: Oh, they’ll call ya somethin’…So, whatcha waitin’ for? You gonna try out those sweet back-flappers or what?

[Cut to the exterior of Tyre Towers. Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar are on the top.]

Blow Fly: I believe in you, buddy!

Trash-A-Pillar: Behold, me in all my wonder! (Leaps off the building, his fake wings flap and he stays in air.) Here we go! (He laughs for a while in excitement, and then looks towards Blow Fly for approval. Cut to Blow Fly)

Blow Fly: (Laughs, gives him a thumbs up, which he turns into a thumbs down.) Nah!

(Cut back to Trash-A-Pillar. He looks in confusion and sadness as his wings tatter and fall apart. He hovers in the air for a moment, only to plummet down, screaming. Cut to a pile of poop with sweet corn kernels embedded into it. Trash-A-Pillar lands into it. He then pops out, pieces of poop covering him like an afro and moustache, as he moans and spits.]

Trash-A-Pillar: Blah! Oh, I’m covered in poo that’s not my own! Oh! Stranger poo! Stranger poo!

[Blow Fly flies down and hastily swipes a kernel from the poop, eating it.]

Blow Fly: Oh, how rude. I am hardly a stranger!


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