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Flip 'n Filth is a game created by Pressman Games, who also designed the Dash for Trash game.  

Includes 4 exclusive Trashies: 

  • Slime Bucket - purple
  • Mouldy Mushroom - purple
  • Gutter Grub - green
  • Ear Wax Ball - green


Flip 'n Filth was not the original name but that's what Moose wanted to call it.

Game Objective

" This game uses a larger garbage can and players get those catapults that are at the corners of the game board. the object is to flip small garbage can lids--of your own color--into the can for the most points, or different parts of the game board for fewer points."


Pressman The Trash Pack Flip and Filth Game Toy fair 201302:37

Pressman The Trash Pack Flip and Filth Game Toy fair 2013

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