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Flesh Eating Virus

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Flesh Eating Virus
Flesh Eating Virus


1, Mystery



Colours & Rarities:

Yellow (ultra rare), Blue (ultra rare)and White, (Ultra rare)





Flesh Eating Virus is a Series 1 Trashie and mystery series Trashie in the Bin-Fections team. He looks like a blob with donut-shaped lumps. He holds a knife and a fork and has a human hand between his jaws.

His white Gross Ghosts counterpart comes in a Gross Ghosts Mystery Series 5 pack with a yellow Scummy Screen showing.


Don't worry, Flesh Eating Virus is not interested in eating your lunch. He only wants to munch on the rotting, stinky scabs that have been growing on your skin. That's a delicious festering, flesh feast!!!


  • Flesh Eating Virus (ultra rare)
  • Flesh Eating Virus (ultra rare)
  • Left- Flesh eating virus ,white, ultra rare. Right- Flesh eating virus, yellow, ultra rare
  • Flesh Eating Virus

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