Filthy Frog Legs is a Series 5 Food Of The World team. He is a disgusting, slime-covered, frog with his legs choped off


, as he carries them..


"These filthy frog legs are anything but a French delicacy! Super slimy and mostly moldy, one touch of these legs will cause disgusting warts all over your fingers!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Feral French Inspired Restaurants"

Trashie Rating

Colors: Green #830 (Rare), Orange #8585 (Rare), Chartreuse #839 (Rare)


  • Real frog legs don't have their top half, they have only their bottem half, including their pelvis area.
  • Orange Filthy Frog Legs (Rare)
  • Lime Filthy Frog Legs (Rare)
  • Green Filthy Frog Legs (Rare)

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