Don't Bring It Up is the second episode in the Trash Pack webisode series on You-Tube.
The Trash Pack Cartoon - Episode 2 "Don't Bring it Up01:50

The Trash Pack Cartoon - Episode 2 "Don't Bring it Up."-0

Trash-A-Pillar was just going to eat some Smelly O's, but Blow Fly scares him and it falls off the table. Blow Fly tells him his friend Mouldy Milk is coming over and tells Trash-A-Pillar not to embarrass him. When Mouldy Milk comes over, he accidentally barfs over Trash-A-Pillar. Then Blow Fly gives Mouldy Milk some "Anti-Puke Training" to hold his barf. When they finish, the gang meet up again, Mouldy Milk was going to barf again, but he held it, and it came out underneath. "Chocolate Milk!" was what Trash-A-Pillar exclaims before he digs in to Mouldy Milk's poop. Blow Fly tells him to at least use a straw, and then the credits roll.

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