Dank Donut
Dank-Donut TheGrubz S5
The Grubz, Series 5




The Grubz

Colors & Rarities

Pink, yellow and purple (common)



Dank Donut is a Series 5 Trashie from The Grubz team. He is a gross donut.


Don't let the icing and springles [sic] fool you, this Trashie is anything but sugary and sweet! In fact, don't take a bite or it will be the last thing you eat!

Trash Town Hangout

Bile ridden bakeries.


  • Dank Donut resembles Boggy Bagel, a Trashie from Series 2.
  • He is the third Trashie with a hole, the first being Boggy Bagel, the second being Junk Jewellery and the fourth being Wheely Gross.
  • His static art for his yellow design lacks any pupils by mistake.
  • His official artwork on official the trash pack website is Stuffed Chicken's official artwork.


  • Dank Donut (common)
  • Dank Donut (common)
  • Dank Donut (common)
  • Artwork of Dank Donut is in the lower middle.

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