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Cruddy Cow Skull




Limited Edition

Colors & Rarities

Lime (limited edition)


Glow in the dark

Units Available


Cruddy Cow Skull is a Series 4 Limited Edition Trashie. He is one of five chase figures along with Squish Bone, Festering Fowl, Rotting Rat and Foul Fish Bone. He is a dirty cow skull with a loose eyeball. There are 10,000 units of Cruddy Cow Skull produced.


This festering skull is so moldy that it's turned completely green! And look out for the eye sockets, a snake lives in there and pops out from time to time!

Trash Town Hangout

Deserted deserts.

Trading Card Line

How now dead trash cow?


  • Cruddy Cow Skull (limited edition)
  • Trading Card

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