Collection 1 is the first collection of The Trash Pack Trading cards. Collection 1 is based on Series 3, because they were released at the same time, fall 2012. Every series 3 trashie besides playset exclusive trashies have cards. There are 125 cards in collection 1, including color variations, game cards, and limited edition cards. There are four different types of cards. Foil, GID (glow in the dark), glossy and holographic. The holographic cards are limited edition. Check out every card available in Collection 1 below.



Barf BQ

Bin Bros

Bin Brute

Blob Moz

Cacky Cake

Clogged Camera

Cruddy Kebab

Dank Dishwasher

Garbage Goat

Grot Pot


Kruddy Kennel

Maggot Meatball

Oily Ointment

Piggy Pigeon

Poop Monster

Pus Plop

Rock Roach

Rotten Roll

Rotten Rollerblade

Sick Garlic

Slime Python


Smelly Onion

Stinky Skunk

Trash Iron


Waste Worm

Yuck Ketchup


Broken Blender

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