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Bog Bag
Scrap Trash, Series 5




Scrap Trash

Colors & Rarities:

Grey (Ultra Rare) and Orange (Ultra Rare)





Bog Bag is a Series 5 ST Ultra Rare Trashie. He's a gross, disgusting, poo-covered, Boggy, shopping bag from the Scrap Trash team.


"Bog Bag was once used every day but after being taken off and accidentally put down in a big, steaming pile of poo he's been thrown into the scrap heap."

Trash Town Hangout:

"Shifty Scrap Piles"

General Info:

Series: 5

Team: Scrap Trash

Finish: Papery

Colours: Grey, Orange

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Numbers: #895, and #901


  • He has a hole through his head where the handles on the bag would be.
  • He also has a big worm on his back.
  • He is the second & last trashie in Series 5 to have "Bog" or "Boggy" in their name. Boggy Borscht is the first.
  • This one is like the last, in that he is the one of the 2 trashies in Series 5 to have "Bag" in their name. the other is Garbage Bag.

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