Bin Monsters are a category that appeared in the first 3 series in Trash Pack. They got replaced by Trash Toys in Series 4, as they compete in the Ultimate Fighting Trashies league. They are based on monsters living in Trash Town.

Series 1:

  • Germit
  • Trashola
  • Waste Wolf
  • Manglez
  • Rankenstein
  • Compost Monster (GID)

Series 2:

  • Gunky Gargoyle
  • Junkclops
  • Vomster
  • Skummy Mummy
  • Joosed
  • Trash Bag Goblin (Mouldy)
  • Grotty Fruity (Mouldy)
  • Sludger

Series 3:

  • Poop Monster
  • Junkosaur
  • Bin Brute
  • Ooze Ogre (Colour Change)
  • Spewster
  • Loch Mess
  • Gas Ghost
  • Bin Bros
  • Pus Plop

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