Beach Trash
Beach Trashies are the Ultra Rare group for Series 4. They replace Movie Trash from Series 3, but were replaced by Scrap Trash in Series 5 Sewer Trash. They are sandy and sparkly and come in the colours red and aqua.



  • This is the only Ultra Rare Line to have a special edition in it.
  • Tangled Seaweed (Special Edition Biter) has three colors, while all other beach Trashies have two.
  • Since Tangled Seaweed already is a special type of Trashie, he does not have a sandy feel.
  • Stale Scales was the first Trashie revealed on the "Who Was That Guy" video series.

Beach Trash Team:

If it's covered in sand, is soggy and stinks then you've got yourself a Beach Trash! These Trashies have been out in the sun and surf for far too long and all smell like moldy seaweed and rotting fish! If you stumble across one on the beach, best to run in the other!


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