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The Barrel of Trashies is a plastic barrel that contains 20 Trashies (10 from Series 2, 10 exclusive). The exclusive Trashies are not new characters, but are Series 2 Trashies in new colors. It also includes Spew Shi and Skummy Skull in Mouldy form. The Barrel of Trashies is exclusive to Big W, Australia and will not be sold in the US.


The following is a list of exclusive Trashies, including color variants.

  • Icky Stinger (Blue)
  • Cukoo (Green)
  • Dripzy (Red)
  • Yuk Duck (Silver)
  • Squirmer (Red)
  • Squirmer (Yellow)
  • Skummy Skull - Special Edition (Red)
  • Cery-ill (Green)
  • Vile-Hi-Fi (Red)
  • Spew-Shi Special Edition (Yellow)
  • Sludge Slug (Silver)
  • Rotten Sandwich (Green)
  • Cruddy Crow - (Red)
  • Skummy Mummy - (Silver)
  • Rankoon (Red)
  • Bum Bug (Green)
  • Cukoo (Blue)
  • Icky Stinger (Green)
  • Putrid Pretzel (Blue)
  • Putrid Pretzel (Green)
  • Cery-ill (Blue)
  • Yuck Duck (Gold)
  • Bum Bug (Blue)
  • Rankoon (Yellow)
  • Dripzy (Yellow)
  • Nutso (Yellow)
  • Skummy Skull - Special Edition (Purple)
  • Skummy Mummy (Gold)
  • Melter (Silver)
  • Melter (Orange)
  • Rotten Sandwich (Blue)
  • Septix (Gold)
  • Vul-Gore (Silver)
  • Spew-shi - Special Edition (Blue)
  • Septix (Silver)
  • Sludge Slug (Gold)
  • Skummy Skull - Special Edition (Blue)
  • Cruddy Crow (Yellow)
  • Nutso (Red)
  • Spew-shi - special edition (Orange)
  • Vul-Gore (Orange)
  • Vile-Hi-Fi (Yellow)

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