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Awful Pie is a Series 1 Trashie that is a part of The Grubz team. He is a moldy pie that is puking and spewing maggots.

Awful Pie
Awful Pie artwork
The Grubz, Series 1




The Grubz

Colours & Rarities:

Yellow (Common), Grey (Common), and Blue (Rare)






Awful Pie has been sitting on the windowsill way too long. He's full of chunky pieces of soggy, rotten apples and maggots. LOTS of maggots. In fact, he should be called Maggot Pie instead!


  • Awful Pie is known for being the first Trashie in the first series (#001). 
  • Awful Pie's name is a pun of apple pie, a popular dessert item. This is also hinted to be what type of pie he originally was.
  • Awful Pie's color in the official artwork (beige) was not made into a figure. 
  • Awful Pie was made female in Greek, as hinted by her feminine name ending.


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